Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look Mama!

Luke helped the boys water our "garden" on Sunday and came in laughing, telling me that Big Boy B had something to show me. Our conversation went something like this:

BBB: Mama, mama, mama! Come here, come here!

Me: Okay... what do you want to show me?

BBB: Look! Look what I found when I helped Daddy water the plants!

Me: Well, it looks like they're doing okay...

BBB: Look! Our plant laid a green bean!

Yes, that's right folks... our green bean plant has one measly green bean on it. The plants that Big Boy B himself planted seem to be thriving; we think he's found the one spot in the yard that gets enough sun to sustain a garden. While we're still not sure exactly what he planted, we think it might be a cucumber, with a pumpkin nearby. After seeing Uncle John's garden on Sunday evening, the leaves seem to be similar in shape to his plants. I suppose only time will tell, though.

In the meantime, I can content myself with the one green bean that our plant has lain.

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