Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Sunday morning, Luke, Big Boy B and Baby Boy all slept until almost 9:00, so we missed church. But, when everyone was awake and ready to do something, it was such a beautiful day that we simply couldn't stay inside. We packed up the camping stuff and a lunch and set off in search of a campground that was a)open and b)not snowy. Our first choice was neither, so we got in the car and headed back west; we ended up at a local lake. The wind coming off the water was chilly, but we were outside enjoying the day! One of the most exciting moments was when Luke got the camp stove going after several failed attempts because of the wind. Big Boy A was so excited that he ran around yelling, "Daddy got the stove started! Daddy got the stove started!" We had a wonderful time and are eagerly looking forward to the summer when we can go camping and stay in a tent over night.


H.K. said...

Sounds like fun! And I love your new background.

Ashley said...

FUN! I love camping and haven't been able to go in the longest time!