Monday, November 10, 2008

Caution! Imaginations at work!

About the time that Baby Boy made his arrival at our house, the Big Boys invented some imaginary friends. They are Baby Fire Cat and Baby Train Cat, and these two friends have made life a bit more interesting around here. I'll let you figure out who has invented which friend. (If you've seen their beds, it shouldn't be too hard!)

Baby Fire Cat and Baby Train Cat have been fed, had their diapers changed, been snapped into their car seats and joined us on family outings.

Most recently, though, Baby Fire Cat was bounced because he was fussy and I had a chance to see exactly what the boys think I look like while bouncing Baby Boy when he gets fussy. It was pretty amazing... he had the whole bounce/pat/rock thing down pat!

I'm never quite sure when these two additions to our family are going to make an appearance, but I'm always assured of a glimpse into the Big Boys' understanding of how to care for babies. What fun!


Lindsey said...

How sweet! Just wait for the "But mom I didn't do it, it was Baby fire/train cat!" It very sweet how kids pick up so much!

Angelina said...

Our twins shared an imaginary friend named, "JayJa". At different times, each of them would become the imaginary friend for the other. At other times she was completely invisible but only one of them would play with her at any given was so odd! It is such a fun stage! Right now our little man is really into pretending to be a dog...hmmm...odd too :)